Keys to Successful Job Search in Prague

The best way to search job in Prague.

For those foreigners who would like to start working in Prague, there are several ways to find a job in Prague.

Jobs in Prague in multinational companies

Start your search of job in Prague in multinational companies, as they are generally the most likely to hire expats and offer the most competitive salaries. A good starting point on your way of job search in Prague is to check your national chamber of commerce or diplomatic representation in Prague for a list of companies from your home country with offices in Prague.

If you have decided to find a job in Prague first you should decide what kind of job you need. If you have qualifications and speak Czech very well you can find skilled job in Prague.

The next step to the search of job in Prague is a selection of recruitment agency. Recruitment companies which offer high earnings while asserting the skills and knowledge of a foreign language are not the ones worth trust. Therefore when selecting recruitment agency check whether it has a license and when it runs out.

In what areas you have more possibilities to find a job in Prague?

If you are looking for a employment opportunities in science and innovation sector, biotechnology, nanotechnology and advanced engineering are priority growth areas. Education and training are also in increasing demand as more companies invest in HR. There are also broad opportunities for foreign language teachers in Prague. 

As in many other countries, working in Prague as a foreign language teacher (English, for example) is a popular option for those who would like to get a chance to experience the country, its culture, and its people. There is a continuously high demand in Prague for native English and German speakers in particular.

You can also find a job in healthcare industry. There are a lot of companies offering not only medical equipment and healthcare management services, but also lifestyle products.

Food and drink industry: increasing globalization comes with a higher demand for a more international cuisine and catering for special groups (e.g. vegan cuisine). So if you are professional chef you can also find a job in Prague.

Also different technical specialists are in great demand in Prague: mechanics, welders, millers, builders, masons, painters, plasterers, plumbers, carpenters and joiners.

Women can find a job in Prague as maids, cleaners, nurses, waiters and packers.

For foreign workers with concrete skills in the fields of finance, IT, and business development there are a lot of job opportunities in Prague. These are the fields which boast the highest average salaries, all these mentioned job categories generate above average incomes.

If you are an expert in one of these industries - chemical industry, mechanical engineering and metallurgy, to find work in Prague or in the Czech Republic for you will not a problem. In the Czech Republic, there is an acute shortage of specialists of these industries. The same applies to the sphere of information technologies and medicine, so if you are a programmer, or a doctor, you have a chance to get a good job in Prague, or anywhere else the Czech Republic.

The best way to search job in Prague

The second, more complex way of job search in Prague - an independent searching for a job in Prague using the website of the Ministry of Labour of the Czech Republic ( and Czech job search websites:,, and others. To find a job in Prague on your own you need to have at least a minimum knowledge of the Czech language.
If possible, consider coming to Prague for a couple of days to go job hunting on the spot. Depending on the type of position you are looking for, this might just be the most effective way to find the right type of work.

Working conditions in the Czech Republic

The Labor Code of the Czech Republic determines the relationships between employers and employees. According to it any labor relations must  be governed by a written employment contract describing the nature of the work and other important details such as the length of the probation period, working hours, minimum wage, annual leave, etc.

What is the average wage in Prague? Naturally, the wages in the Czech Republic differ according the region of work and the post. The monthly average wage in Czech Republic in July 2015 has reached 26,287 CZK.

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