Popular jobs and employment opportunities in Prague

Where to look for work in Prague?

Prague is the richest region of the Czech Republic, which occupies the 6th place among the richest regions in Europe. The standards of living in Prague are much higher than the European ones. Tourism and industry provide many opportunities for working in Prague and the Czech Republic.

As the leisure sector aimed at foreign tourists jobs in Prague are often suitable for speakers of languages other than Czech - English and German, because English is the international language of business, Germany is the largest trading partner of the Czech Republic. So if you are native speaker of one of these languages you can also try looking for work in Prague as a teacher.

Where to look for work in Prague as a teacher? First, you may be able to find employment opportunities in a private language school. Second, there is a possibility to find work in Prague in a big international company. If you have appropriate qualifications, such as a university degree and/or a teaching certificate (such as TEFL) and of course some teaching experience you can find work in Prague as a language teacher with monthly wage 25,000 CZK. For employment opportunities you can contact the cultural representation of your country in the Czech Republic, e.g. the British Council or the Goethe Institut.

Prague hosts hundreds of international enterprises which operate in automotive industry, construction, logistics, engineering, chemical, agriculture, medicine, IT, textile, clothing, printing, food industries. Therefore, if you are an expert in one of the above fields, Prague is ready to offer you broad employment opportunities. You can find jobs in Prague in companies which are big players on the international market, e.g. ČEZ, Agrofert, Agropol, Zentiva, Bata, Škoda, Budvar, and Pilsner Urquell, and, of course, in the globally operating corporations with a major presence at  the Czech Republic's market (Exxon Mobil and Tesco).

Your country's Czech embassy has employment programs for Prague and other Czech cities. You can go to the embassy and ask about employment opportunities in Prague. Jobs in Prague can also be found on online international recruitment websites. But if you understand Czech, you can also use one of the many Czech recruitment portals available. Job ads in Prague on these websites are updated daily, you can find a suitable job, according to the industry, employment type, desired place of work. Or you can browse Czech companies' websites, but as a rule, they require highly skilled staff.

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