Working in Prague is Becoming More Popular

Working in Prague is Becoming More Popular

Prague is a city with high living standards and open economy. That’s why working in Prague is becoming more popular. Prague being the main attraction of the Czech Republic is often called “the golden city”, both in the cultural and economic sense.

Why more and more foreign workers wish to work in Prague Prague is a city with a prosperous economy. The city’s economy accounts for 25% of the country’s GDP. Moreover, Prague is a capital of the state, which is literally located at the heart of Europe, providing excellent transportation links both within its borders and to its neighboring states. So you can easily get to other European states, as Germany or Poland.

Prague has a rich history. For most of its 1 000 years of existence Prague has been the political, cultural, and economic center of Central Europe. Being the largest city of the Czech Republic, Prague is home to approximately 1.3 million people, with a metropolitan area containing close to 2 million inhabitants.

To work in Prague is a great prospect which you just can not refuse. Because Prague is a home of the European headquarters of many international companies, thus offering plenty of job opportunities for foreigners. In 2011, 17% of the workforce of Prague was foreign.

Working in Prague in tourism industry shows considerable promise. With more than 5.3 million international visitors in 2014 alone, tourism provides more than half of Prague’s income.

Another advantage why to work in Prague. In Prague there is the lowest rate of unemployment, around 3%. The unemployment rate in the Czech Republic is currently 5.1% as at July 2015.

Do you want to work in Prague but don't know where to start?

You should start with the EURES network. EURES is the system by which the employment services of the EU and EEA Member States and Switzerland cooperate across Europe. To find work in Prague through EURES will not take much time, as it offers such services. Just access EURES online through their website:

What services the website offers you that can help you with finding work in Prague?

First the website offers a database of job offers from all over the EU. Just choose your occupation, country and region (Prague). Take into account that it's better to perform a search in the database in Czech, because the Czech employers are most likely to write a job description in Czech. Secondly you have a possibility to upload or create your CV on the website and thus employers can find you.

After registering in the EURES network you can access to a network of EURES advisers, which will give you professional advice on working in Prague. Or even they will give you access to a network of EURES advisers in other European countries.

The EURES network also arranges European jobs fairs where you can meet employers not only from the Czech Republic, but also from other countries and receive advice from EURES advisers.

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Working in Prague is Becoming More Popular
Prague is a city with high living standards and open economy. That’s why working in Prague is becoming more popular....