Carer in the retirement home

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Job description: 

We will hire an employee with good social values and experience of work with elderly people for the position: Carer in the retirement home. Place of work - Nupaky, Prague-east (from the undeground station Opatov, line C, take the bus number 358), provide free housing at the place of work. The salary is 70 CZK / hour. In the beginning you will work under the agreement on working activity with opportunity of signing the employment contract aftewards. We will help foreigners seeking employment in the Czech Republic in obtaining necessary work visa and work permit, and also we will help foreigners seeking employment in the Czech Republic in obtaining necessary permits for the performance of work. Start working in position Carer in the retirement home you can immediately after the interview or according agreement.


  • personal assisstance to the customers of the home - sick and elderly people
  • caring for customers who need daily help
  • direct patient care, help with personal needs
  • provision of care services for mobile and immobile patients


  • the minimum basic education, willingness and ability for further education
  • social work courses
  • job applicants with work experience in position Carer have advantage
  • good attitude to customers of the home
  • no criminal record
  • valid sanitary book
  • active approach to work, responsibility, reliability, compassion
  • moral stability and physical training, confidence and responsibility
  • suitable physical condition for the performance of work

We offer: 

  • long-time work in the Czech Republic
  • place of work: Nupaky, Prague-east
  • after some time of working there is an opportunity of signing an employment contract
  • opportunity of boarding at the place of work
  • we will help foreigners seeking employment in the Czech Republic in obtaining necessary work visa and work permit
  • we provide proof of residency, which is necessary for issuing temporary residence permit for foreigners seeking work in Prague, or work in the Czech Republic, and for citizens of the EU member-states
  • start working you can immediately

Wages, financial conditions: 

  • 70 CZK / hour
  • we provide free housing at the place of work (double rooms with wc and shower)

Work schedule: 

  • 12-hour day and night shifts, work on weekends, short-long week
  • working day is from 7:00 to 19:00
Oksana Linertová


+420 777 790 633


+420 777 790 633



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