Packer of foodstuffs

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We will accept for employment Packer of foodstuffs, place of work - Velké Popovice. Manual work at the production line, 2-shift work schedule. We will help foreigners seeking employment in the Czech Republic in obtaining necessary work visa and work permit. To perform work you must have a valid sanitary book, which may be drawn after the introductory medical examination. Start working in the position Packer of foodstuffs you can immediately or by agreement.


  • packaging of foodstuffs at the production line


  • досвід роботи - надається перевазі
  • відповідальність, працьовитість
  • білий робочий одяг
  • дозвіл для роботи з продуктами харчування
  • готовність працювати позмінно
  • готовність працювати позмінно, добиратися до місця роботи самостійно

We offer: 

  • permanent work in the Czech Republic
  • place of work - Velké Popovice
  • good wages
  • start working you can immediately after interview
  • we will help foreigners seeking employment in the Czech Republic in obtaining necessary permits for performance of work and full support during drawing work visa and work permit
  • we provide proof of residency, which is necessary for issuing temporary residence permit for foreigners seeking work in Prague, or work in the Czech Republic, and for citizens of the EU member-states

Wages, financial conditions: 

  • 75 CZK/hour

Work schedule: 

  • 2-shift work schedule (07:00-19:00 or 19:00-07:00)
Sutula Tanya


+420 777 715 445


+420 777 715 445




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